The Vision Behind The Brand

My name is Rodney Bonds, Master Franchise Developer. I’ve traveled the country, owned restaurants and dined at variety of restaurants. Throughout my experiences, I’ve come to realize two very important things:

  1. The 1stbeing the Borough of “Brooklyn” also known as “BK” is one of the coolest, most respected places in the world! It’s the birthplace of the late great Rapper BIGGIE Smalls and Hip-Hop ICON Jay Z- and they proudly represent BK in their music. When you speak of Brooklyn, you must mention the legendary Brooklyn Dodgers, the amazing filmmaker/ producer Spike Lee and of course Mike Tyson- BK is where he developed his furious style of boxing. I can continue to brag about Brooklyn, but you get the point.
  1. The second is the love of seafood- the finest cuisine has always been and will always be “Lobster”. So, with the love for Brooklyn and Lobster it was only right to combine these two powerful names into one. So while driving to NYC, I was brainstorming with my daughter Madison Bonds, and she said – “BK Lobster”, and I said now that’s a winning brand name.

After spending 15 years as a Master Franchise Developer at Rаріd Realty, a real estate franchise company, I helped grow from one to sixty-five locations in a matter of nine years and was personally responsible for the sale and development of twenty-four franchises in Atlanta, Miami, Dаllаѕ and New York metropolitan аrеаs. Recently I secured a buyer and negotiated the acquisition of the company for nine million ($9,000,000) dollars. During that time, I transitioned into the restaurant business, owning and operating several restaurants called “Magic Soul” Food, and eventually expanded them into 7 locations in NYC that I built and sold.

With all my experience, I decided to fill a void and create an opportunity in Brooklyn to take the concept

“BK Lobster” a Lobster roll shop from Brooklyn to Beyond!

The “BK Lobster” Stores!

After years of owning and operating restaurants, I found some of the biggest challenges are the Hood and Ansul systems- which are not only expensive ($20,000 minimum) but the maintenance is a lot. In addition, the gas lines sprinkler system can be an extreme headache.

The BK Lobster stores are the total opposite because the process to operate a BK Lobster is simple and streamlined, with no heavy restaurant equipment or complex restaurant operations, it requires no skilled labor, no chef’s, etc. A savvy entrepreneur with prior business
experience can easily operate a BK Lobster, once trained by the team.

Until the lobster roll shop became prevalent, lobster lovers had to go to a full-service restaurant (like Red Lobster) and sit down with a bib, a nutcracker, and a small fork or pick to access the meat.

The lobster roll shop phenomenon is making this aspirational menu item widely available and easily accessible to seafood lovers throughout the U.S. and lobster is no longer the exclusive item of full- service restaurants.

“Lobster clawing its way onto fast casual menus” – Fast Casual Magazine, January 2016

Quotes from this article: “Lobster offerings at limited-service concepts have doubled over the past 12 months”