Our Team

“Every successful endeavor consists of A group of one or more individuals working together in the spirt of Harmony for one common goal” Napoleon Hill


Latisha Jefferson

A few years ago, a restaurant entrepreneur created a fine wine and dine restaurant in the heart of Brooklyn called the Right Stop in Bed-Stuy. The experience was amazing, and it was the talk of the neighborhood. Based on her years of restaurant experience, she believed it was time to branch out and partner with a Brand that would become known as “BK Lobster”. Latisha decided to invest and began planning and strategizing with Rodney to create a concept that would fill a void in the NYC metropolitan area- Rodney’s Vision of “BK Lobster” was born.

Day Hampton

Day Hampton was the first contributor to the brand. He is a young Party Promoter with an entertainment background, whose ear is always to the streets and up in the latest trends. Unlike most young people who can only bring sweat equity. He invested capital into the business and is also a major decision maker in the store’s design. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do whatever it takes to make the business a success. He is truly dedicated and passionate about the success of “BK Lobster”.

Chef Tequila Silva

Chef Tequila Silvabegan her Soul Food cooking journey in 2015, as a line cook at Bedstuy Fish Fry. As Chef Tequila’s passion for cooking started growing, she became eager to learn more and decided to move to Stockbridge, Georgia to seek new cooking opportunities. She worked at various restaurants as line cook such as Piccadilly’s, Golden Corral, The Blue Ivory and as a Salad Chef at a Rehabilitation Home, serving under Chef Richard. Chef Tequila’s new learning experiences motivated her to start her own business. In 2017 while traveling back and forth from Georgia to New York, Chef Tequila put her stamp in Brooklyn with amazing and creative lobster and seafood dishes. She became very well-known and soon earned the title as the “Lobster Queen.” Excited about her new success, Chef Tequila auditioned for the “Master Chef” TV show in 2018. Although she did not win, the judges assured her that her food was great and stated she would go far in her career. Cooking has always been a passion for Chef Tequila, and she is excited about her new partnership with “BK Lobster”.

Jamila Boyd/ High Society Marketing

After 20 plus years of providing Media, Marketing, and Advertising Services for Iconic Brands like BET, ESSENCE, Viacom, TV One, Time Warner/Turner and top Ad Agencies, Jamila sees the value and potential of the amazing brand. She has decided to bring her digital marketing and advertising experience to BK Lobster where she will oversee our corporate digital social media marketing strategy focusing on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Click funneling campaigns designed to drive direct traffic to all our stores based on demographics and geographic target marketing.

Tony Brooks – Investment Strategist

Tony Brooks  has enjoyed a fun and excited career making a name for himself in the real estate and restaurant business with his unique style of raising capital for projects, Tony Brooks single handedly was able to raise funds and build a Checkers fast food restaurant in one of the busiest intersection in Brooklyn (Empire & Flatbush), over the course of his career Tony Brooks has raised over 50 Million dollar to fund real estate and restaurant project for himself and new entrepreneurs looking to make there dreams come true but didn’t have the funding resources to make it happen. Tony Brooks as worked with Rodney on many projects including “Magic Soul Food”, “Rapid Realty” and now is a Investor and financial strategist for “BK Lobster.”

Edward Williams

Edward Williams comes to the @BKLobster team with over 10 years of experience as an extremely successful nightclub promoter making history at Capitale, Supper Club, EXIT, The Roxy, Ruby Falls & SOL. He later transitioned to Promotional Director and Nightclub Manager for major NY venues including SOL, PACHA, and the 40 40 Club. With not only a wealth of hospitality experience from Society Bar & Billiards, and Hudson Terrace, Ed also happens to be an incredible cook. He is known far and wide for his signature Lobster Mac & Lobster Lasagna. Joining the BK Lobster team couldn’t have been a better fit.